Aaron Joseph Newman – Super 2000

One of my favorite up-and-coming rappers/musicians is Aaron Joseph Newman. His usual brand of realistic verses and self-deprecating lyrics soak the tracks with realism. But sometimes, like with “Super 2000,” Aaron just wants to remind you that he’s slick behind the mic and has some crazy-good lyricism. Continue reading Aaron Joseph Newman – Super 2000


Tabitha – Dear Summer


Tabitha has brought another heater with her latest release – “Dear Summer.” The classic Just Blaze beat, that Jay-Z originally rapped over, is laced with raw yet soulful lyrics. The release of “Dear Summer comes a week after she introduced herself with another old school feeling track in “Shook Ones.”

Tabitha is being produced by and is writing with Grammy winner Timothy Bloom. This is the second release from her upcoming mixtape.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-591580576/tabitha-dear-summer

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‘Roomful of Elephants’ by Aaron Joseph Newman

Roomful of Elephants

by Aaron Joseph Newman

Aaron Joseph Newman has released his “Roomful of Elephants” album. RFOE is an eclectic collection of tracks that roam through the Indie, Neo-Hop, and Hip-hip genres. Aaron Joseph Newman brings a new take on hip-hop and delivers a final product that is genre bending.

The August 5th release comes on the 12th anniversary of the passing of Aaron’s mother to brain cancer. He decided to honor her by releasing the album that he is most proud of.

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You’re Powerful

You say that you have no voice –
Yet, millions recite lyrics to your music

You say that you’re invisible –
Yet, millions immolate your style

You say nobody listens to what you have to say-
Yet, millions copy your dialect and slang and how you use it.

You say that you have no role models –
Yet, millions strive to be like you, all the while

You say that you have no power –
Yet, you influence millions, everyday.

You say you want a change?

Then look inwardly, because you have all the weapons to become the change that you want to see.

– Will Huff