How US Social Programming Has Led to the Rise of Trump

The presidential election 2016 is a very crazy anomaly. Can you remember any other election where a candidate could say so many things that the press jumps all over the story, the candidate doesn’t apologize, and comes out better for it? For so many candidates of past, there was just one faux pas that ended the candidacy. Donald Trump has had numerous “WTF” moments and seems to come out better off after each one.

There are two things in American culture that really stand out to me as being the reasons there are millions of people who are willing to entrust the United States of America to Donald Trump. Continue reading How US Social Programming Has Led to the Rise of Trump


Tabitha – Dear Summer


Tabitha has brought another heater with her latest release – “Dear Summer.” The classic Just Blaze beat, that Jay-Z originally rapped over, is laced with raw yet soulful lyrics. The release of “Dear Summer comes a week after she introduced herself with another old school feeling track in “Shook Ones.”

Tabitha is being produced by and is writing with Grammy winner Timothy Bloom. This is the second release from her upcoming mixtape.


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