Urban Surroundings: How Could We Make A Societal Differerence?

In the United States, society is in need of change. Change all around. Not any particular community or ethnicity, but systematic, all around, change.

We need both white people and black people to view the urban community differently.

We need a new structure that teaches urban youth that they have value, potential, and a bright future.

We need to teach non-urban people that urban kids are just as smart, just as good, and can be just as productive as their non-urban counterparts.

I’m not here to argue about racism, who does what more, who’s fault it is. No, I’m here to start working towards a solution.

How do we change society to where we have a urban population that is strong and playing a vital role in the United States?

How do we help end the cycle of destruction that is going on in the urban communities?

I have an idea. Continue reading Urban Surroundings: How Could We Make A Societal Differerence?


You’re Powerful

You say that you have no voice –
Yet, millions recite lyrics to your music

You say that you’re invisible –
Yet, millions immolate your style

You say nobody listens to what you have to say-
Yet, millions copy your dialect and slang and how you use it.

You say that you have no role models –
Yet, millions strive to be like you, all the while

You say that you have no power –
Yet, you influence millions, everyday.

You say you want a change?

Then look inwardly, because you have all the weapons to become the change that you want to see.

– Will Huff