When Grammy Winner Timothy Bloom Heard About a Family in Danger of Eviction…

When Grammy winner Timothy Bloom heard about Joquann and LaRae Montgomery, along with their children, of Paterson, NJ., being on the verge of being evicted, due their inability to pay rent, he stepped up big.

The Grammy award winner teamed up with Make Room to help them avoid eviction, which they did. Bloom also performed live in their living-room to “give them a voice.”

From the Make Room website.

“Make Room N.J.:
The Montgomery Family

Joquann and LaRae work three jobs to keep a roof over their heads in Paterson, NJ. And like 46% of the renters in their city, more than half of their income goes to rent. Grammy winner Timothy Bloom knows what they are going through and gives a Make Room Concert for the 1st in their living room to help lift them up.

Play the video set to see the Montgomery family story and concert performances of “Wooooooo!!!” and “Stand In The Way (Of My Love)”.”


Millions of families are caught in a rental crisis. Help Timothy Bloom shine a light. #concertsforthefirst http://bit.ly/1dxjGWu

Hear more Timothy Bloom here. http://www.timothybloom.com/


Weddings and Funerals – Wanderlust’s Hidden Price

Traveling isn’t cheap! That’s common knowledge, right? But there are people, like me, who find ways to go abroad and stay abroad for long periods of time. Many times, the price of plane tickets and lodging are small in comparison to some of the events that are missed while exploring the world.
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Am I the Only One Who Doesn’t Miss Home and Family?

The holidays are upon us and I am a few thousand miles away from home. I’m in Brazil with my wife right now. We have been here for 2 months.

My parents and some of my siblings are in Arkansas. Some siblings are in Michigan. I have aunts, uncles, and cousins in both states that I am really close to. It would seem that I would get homesick, but I don’t.

I never do.

It’s hard for many people to understand, but I don’t “miss” people the way others miss people.

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