Let Them Think You’re a Secret Agent!

I was in South Korea, not long after, Kim Jong Il Dies.

I was in South America, while I’m there, Hugo Chavez bites the dust.


Some people don’t think so.

That’s part of the fun of being all over the world. Things happen that are newsworthy and people automatically wonder if you are involved.

This is also comical when a natural disaster hits in the general vicinity of the hemisphere that you’re on and everyone and their mother, especially your mother, checks to see if you’re OK.

When the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, I was in South Korea. For those who don’t know, Japan and South Korea are different countries, separated my a body of water. Yet, my inbox was flooded with messages and my Facebook wall was overflowing with concerned friends and family checking on my well-being. (I guess it’s good to be loved.)

In 2013 there was a large earthquake on the western coast of Chile which caused people to frantically message me about if I had felt it, because I was Brazil, so of course I might’ve been in the epicenter.

The thing about non-traveling folks is that they don’t understand distance outside of their home country. Especially Americans. They don’t seem to understand that the distance between the Chilean coast and Manaus, Brazil is probably comparable to the distance between L.A. and New York.

When Chavez died, I obviously had something to do with it. I’m on the same continent, so obviously the happenings in a totally different country could’ve been caused by me.

South Korea and North Korea, obviously let me cross the DMZ, where no people have crossed for 50 years, so I could take out a foreign leader.

There is a running joke in my family that I get to travel so much and go to different places because I’m on the government payroll to take care of the world’s annoyances.

I could sit down and explain to everyone about the distances between places and the borders between countries, or I can just let them think that I’m a secret agent.

I let them think that I’m a secret agent.


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