The Un-PC Reasons of Why Europe Does Not Want More Refugees

Umit Bektas / Reuters

(Preface: European countries are facing a great dilemma with Syrian refugees. I have been reading posts from friends from all around the world and have been reading reactions to news stories. I have noticed a few common themes. This post is about the patterns I have seen and I have tried to paraphrase the thoughts that have seemed to be the common opinion. These are themes that many Europeans have been alluding to, but seemingly afraid to say, because of political correctness. This is a total opinion piece and is being written to bring about a conversation between people about the refugee crisis facing Europe.)

The refugee crisis in Europe is fodder for press all over the world. Many stories are calling European countries unsympathetic and inhumane for the way that they are dealing with the refugees. Why are the European nations being very selective with the number of refugees from Syria that they are taking in? Leaders and citizens have many reasons, but have their hands tied by political correctness. Many posts and responses to news articles have people painting a picture of why Europe is reacting the way that they are. Continue reading The Un-PC Reasons of Why Europe Does Not Want More Refugees